Integrative Nutrition Health, and Wellness Coaching with Coach Amber Bariaktari

Welcome, I am Coach Amber Bariaktari an am an Integrative, Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coach and with my powerful-highly-individualized one-on-one coaching, I help and empower you with not only what is on your plate (nutrition) I help and empower you with what is off your plate (all other aspects of your life) things like career, finances, self-love, home cooking, home education, physical activity, creativity, spirituality (whatever that looks like to you), social life, and joy!

“I was inspired by Amber to try the AIP elimination diet to address extra weight, achy joints, and low back pain. After 30 days, I’ve released 7 lbs, my joints and back feel so much better, and brain fog and moodiness has really lifted! Amber really kept me going when I was feeling the emotional detox, coaching me on other areas of my life (what’s off the plate matters!), supporting me to home cook delicious, AIP meals and modeling how to always come from love, which is at the heart of healing one’s gut wall and detoxing from foods that wreak havoc on the body, mind, and spirit. I’ve gotten back to hot yoga, am finding myself more alert and engaged with my business, and ready to mingle, too! Life is so much better after just a month of healing my gut! Amber Bariaktari is a wonderful, loving coach who inspires me with how she lives her own life of freedom, creativity, love, and adventure!
Thank you, Amber! ❤️ “

Jean Jung – Seattle