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I was a Guest on the Ask Win Podcast

Listen Now: I was honored to be a guest on the ASK WIN Podcast with Podcaster and award-winning author Win Charles. Win Charles and I talked about my severe family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and my own almost lifelong journey with it and how I brought all my disease activity and symptoms down to zero and am now thriving. We also talk about my being an Integrative Nutrition, Health, and

Fall in Love with Avocado Oil and Olive Oil

Tip of the day:A simple thing to move your nutrition, health, and wellness needle in the right direction is to throw out seed oils and replace them with Avocado Oil (Chosen brand is the only avocado oil that is 100% only avocado oil. Some other brands have other oils in there) and use Cold Pressed Olive oil (make sure it doesn’t have any other oils sneaked into it). Olive oil