Integrative Nutrition Health, and Wellness Coaching with Coach Amber Bariaktari

Find that Energy Spark You Once Had

You’re here to find your spark, to refuel your energy and purpose.

Do you feel like:

  •  • You used to be creative and now you can’t find it
  •  • You used to be energized and now you lack that
  •  • You used to feel great and now you dread getting up

I have felt this way, also, and I was able to lift myself out of these doldrums and find my spark again. I want to share with you the ways that helped me do exactly that.

A big part of my coaching is helping people who feel as if they’ve lost their drive, to find it again. It could be any number of things, but if I can help, then I absolutely will.

My coaching includes:

  1. Assessing the details of your situation – getting a handle on your energy levels now
  2. Reviewing in detail your personal and family history about your levels
  3. Reviewing in detail your existing steps to help find that energy again
  4. Reviewing my effective toolbox for helping you further tune your focus
  5. Establishing a baseline for what you might be able to do to help lock in on a path that brings you back up to where you want to be
  6. Establishing a solid plan and schedule
  7. Guiding you to establishing good habits to help keep you on track for long lasting changes
  8. Continued coaching sessions for a total of 12 bi-weekly sessions or continued coaching Sessions for however long you need support. 

If you want to learn more, I am happy to talk with you. We can start out with a short consultation call that is completely risk-free. Think of it as a way for us to get to know each other better. I want you to feel as if you are in good hands, and I also want to have a better sense of your situation.


Free Supplementary Resources to help you find that spark and joy: