Integrative Nutrition Health, and Wellness Coaching with Coach Amber Bariaktari

Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Group Coaching

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30-Day Group Coaching Virtually:

  • teaches you how to start eating cleanly and eating nutrient-dense whole real foods
  • holds space for you with a loving safe environment
  • teaches you not only about what’s on your plate but also teaches you about primary foods (foods not on your plate) like relationships, finance, joy, creativity, career, spirituality (whatever that looks like to you), physical movement, home cooking, home environment, social life, health, and education.
  • encourages you to embrace your bio-individuality and to find the foods and primary foods (foods not on your plate) your body and mind need.
  • guides you on how to continue down this path for long-lasting changes

In this 30-Day Group Coaching:

  • you will have 4-5 weekly videos guiding you through these 30 days and it will be for lifetime
  • you will get the 30-day group coaching guidebook stepping you through an Integrative Nutrition approach to your nutrition, health, and wellness
  • you will have access to the group chat where you can ask questions and I will answer and you and the other students can chat and support each other
  • you will get weekly 55-minute group live coaching video calls with me

Coming Soon!

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