Integrative Nutrition Health, and Wellness Coaching with Coach Amber Bariaktari

Need-Based Autoimmune Disease Scholarship

I want to help empower you to succeed for long last changes!!! So that is why I give out a few pay what you can scholarships to those who are in the low income bracket and or are going through a hardship. I do this because, before I brought all my own RA autoimmune disease symptoms down to zero, I had been disabled and completely on state help and had been feeling pretty much at my rock bottom, so I heartfully give what I can back to those who need it because I want to serve and to help empower you to lower your autoimmune disease activity while also tackling all other aspects of your life so that you can keep your autoimmune disease way better managed and in some cases, like I did for me, halt your autoimmune disease and lower disease activity and symptoms to zero. First we will have A FREE 60 Minute Discovery Video Call so that I can learn more about your situation  

This pay what you can scholarship gives you my full Autoimmune Disease Coaching Package below


 Integrative Nutrition, Health, and Wellness One-On-One Coaching for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis or another Autoimmune disease:

What I Offer to Each of My Clients:

  • I offer and hold space for my clients, to meet them where they are at, to believe them, and to collaborate with them on their own nutrition, health, and wellness journey.
  • I collaborate and empower my Clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis or another autoimmune disease by working with my Client’s bio-individuality and using an Integrative Nutrition Approach to help them move their nutrition, health, and wellness needle in the right direction and empower them to manage their autoimmune disease better as well as lower disease activity and symptoms.
  • I collaborate and empower entrepreneurs who have an autoimmune disease streamline or simplify starting up a business or running an already existing business, their home and personal life, and empower them to manage their autoimmune disease better while also working to lower disease activity and symptoms.
  • I collaborate and help homeschooling or unschooling parents or guardians who have an autoimmune disease and empower them to get to their core values, simplify homeschooling or their unschooling, and simplify their work and home life as well as I empower and help them to manage their autoimmune disease better while also working to lower disease activity and symptoms.


  • Our One-On-One Coaching will be 12 sessions bi-weekly virtual or in-person 
  • text support check-in and one email check-in between sessions
  • video and or audio recordings of me giving tips and or me talking about what we discussed in our coaching sessions as well as recipes and handouts
  • two audiobooks I like to gift to my clients to support them on their nutrition, health, and wellness journey
  • highly individualized and personalized coaching for each client
  • I empower you and help you with not only what is on your plate, what I call secondary foods (nutrition), I also empower you and help you with what is off your plate, what I call primary foods, things like spirituality (whatever that looks like to you, career, home cooking, self-love, education, finances, physical activity, health, joy, creativity, social life, and home environment.

My Own Personal Journey with almost life-long Rheumatoid Arthritis and How an Integrative Nutrition Approach Helped Me:

I have had Rheumatoid arthritis since I was 8 years old and was first diagnosed at the age of 8 with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and then as an adult I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My grandmother had been an invalid since she had been 16 from Rheumatoid Arthritis and my mom has RA and is disabled with deformed hands and feet. 4 years ago I was also disabled and I had been approved for a scooter and I was looking to get a wheelchair, as well as, because of RA brain inflammation, I had started slurring words and had severe RA brain fog and was having trouble homeschooling my daughter. But, by my doing an integrative nutrition approach and working with my Bio-Individuality System, I brought all of my severe rheumatoid arthritis symptoms down to zero and I keep my Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms down to zero. I am no longer on my two RA meds of 8 pills of Methotrexate or the Enbrel Weekly biological shot that I use to have to give to myself in my thigh. I use an Integrative Nutrition Approach and I eat only nutrient-dense whole real foods and do the AIP Autoimmune Protocol Paleo Diet and AIP lifestyle and I do time-restricted eating of 16/8 as well as I am intentional about my life and keep my whole bio-individual system balanced and this is what keeps my Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease halted and why I have zero RA symptoms. 

*Please note that this is my personal story and we are all bio-individual so in our coaching we will meet you where you are at and work with your Bi0-Individuality System to help and empower you to find what works best for your body and it may look a little different than what worked for me*

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