Cascadia Creatures LLC


Cascadia Creatures LLC

is Amber Bariaktari’s practical effects, special effects, and visual effects company for film and television where she is a practical, special effects, and visual effects supervisor.


Blinkspace series (2017) Visual effects Supervisor, special effects supervisor

V-Force: New Dawn of V.I.C.T.O.R.Y (2017)

Feature Films:

Out of the Darkness (2016) .


Amber Bariaktari on the last day of "Out of the Darkness" (2016)

On set, Amber Bariaktari, for “Out of the Darkness” as Visual effects supervisor and practical and special effects artist with her team.


"Out of Darkness" (2015)

“Out of Darkness” (2015) – in post production – Amber Bariaktari Visual Effects Supervisor and Noah Hale Practical and special effects artist.

“Flesh of my Flesh” (2015)


Web Series:

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