Rose City Underground (web series)

Coming Soon:

 Portland, Oregon — also known as Rose City — is the city of bridges and connections. Beneath the coffee houses, the microbrews, and the indie arts scene is a different kind of connection, however. A connection to something ancient, strange, and immensely powerful. And now, that something is waking up — stretching, changing, and warping the city above in wondrous and terrible ways.

Rose City Underground starts out quietly — a glimpse of the unusual, a touch of something unexplainable, a hint of magic. But as each episode blooms, more and more is revealed, and a strange jigsaw puzzle becomes apparent.

Rose City Underground is more than just an anthology — it’s a chronology of geographical weirdness. And it’s coming soon! -From Hellbender Media and Bullet Dance Films -imdb listing




Beating Wings

Best Friends


Cycle of Ages

Earth Song