Hacked Off Game

Hellbender Media teams up with Adventure Game Sourceto bring you Flesh of my Flesh: 11421696_10153485027189642_642050727_n

Hacked Off! — a hilarious new card game based on our feature filmFlesh of my Flesh.

In this deliciously gooey game, you’ll build (or rebuild as needed) your body from a severed head, equip yourself with a motley collection of weapons and armor, and eventually behead the Chief of the Zombie Nest to take over leadership and win the game.

Hacked Off -- best zombie game EVER!

It’s not going to be easy, because the other Players are all trying to do the same thing. Will you be lucky enough to find the chainsaw and the shotgun? Will some other zombie trick you at the last second into walking into helicopter blades? There’s only one way to find out!

Flesh of my Flesh: Hacked Off! is 216 cards of gory attitude and features the work of:

Game Design: Peter Ingebretson

Game Artwork: Shelby Denham

Graphic Design: Leslie Harker