Amber Bariaktari
is a Pacific Northwest and NYC writer/director and producer. She is a producer and social media director at Hellbender Media and owner/ writer/ director with her company Bullet Dance Films and is Owner/ Visual Effects Supervisor with her company Cascadia Creatures LLC, her post visual effects and special effects company for film and television.


Film Festivals, Awards, and Current News:

Read our Interview in Willamette Week this week for winning Best Comedy and nominated for Best Film at the Oregon Independent Film Festival.

Interview of Amber Bariaktari and Edward Martin in Willamette Week 


Bone Cold feature screenplay (written by Amber Bariaktari) has just been officially selected at the Oaxaca Film Festival!



THE DEAD WINS BEST COMEDY FILM (2017) at the Oregon Independent Film Festival!

“The Dead” our latest feature film wins Best Comedy Film and is premiering at the Oregon Independant Film Festival in Sept 2017, exact dates to be announced.


“Terminal Reflections” has been accepted and will be showing at the Oregon Independant Film Festival in Sept 2017, exact dates will be announced.



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Modeling and Photoshoots and Artist Model:

When not producing, writing, or directing Amber Bariaktari is a model and is now on Patreon, consider becoming a Patreon supporter today to get exclusive modeling photoshoot content! https://www.patreon.com/amberbariaktarimodel


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